love is all what required..!! :)

Not being sarcastic,this blog is not stated for any particular country ,region..but a societal issue which is still taken up the the title ‘issue ‘and not ‘concern’ in every relationship.though in the era of mid 21st century,there stand millions of female faces working ,earning their livelihood,running governments,challenging economies;but on the other bank of river there are women kept only for giving births to children,cooking food ,burning their eyes into ashes,criticized,harassed everyday.though this matter of concern upholds various perspectives ,some on the scope of culture of any country,some on the behavioural approach,senses,grooming etc. etc. but keeping all facts ,discussions,debates aside.i would like to mention one thing: “a girl devoted to a guy does everything he says,she walks the way he likes,she talks the way he likes,she wears what he likes,and does everything that pleasures her man;and in return demands only one thing “LOVE” .IS LOVE SO EXPENSIVE THAT YOU COULD NOT MANAGE IT OUT OF YOUR SALARY..(well in my point of view ,you need not spent a penny to disclose love)..give a thought to it..and a thought to her..!! 🙂 😉


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