Teacher’s cross questioning,argument with a friend,discussion in public,sometimes makes you feel outcast??..and you always consider it as a drawback or a negative aspect of your personality..right??..well this is just not the appropriate inference..Lacking in something usually develops the psychology of being  a cup of sugarless tea,but the story doesn’t end here,sometimes a sugarless tea proves a boon for diabetic patient.Firstly, you need to make sure that your imagination should not have any limit, unlike your vocal spirits..No matter ,you aren’t able to put your ideas in the crowd,your power to analyse and the vision to observe your surroundings must not get dispersed..Try to create well versed ambiance inside you,so that you yourself must be be clear with your mindset and ideologies at the initial level,then let the power to create a room for yourself to speak at least with those people to whom you are familiar with..At first,it will take a lot of time to build up  confidence but slowly and gradually you’ll find yourself at a comfortable zone.The best medicine to come out of the vicious circle of hesitation is to communicate,SPEAK ANYTHING BUT SPEAK SOMETHING,make friends,talk to people,pick any random topic and start over putting your views  without thinking what others think about you.What is most important is that you must be satisfied..!!..Try to grab courage to speak ,let your vocal powers attain liberty,and remember, “It takes a very little effort to make something extraordinary” ..All we need to do is to council ourselves at least for a minute everyday..Try something new and be the change..!! And dear friends at last, the mind belongs to you,you do not belong to your mind..!!..control it,command it and feel the exuberance..!! 🙂 🙂juhikilkil


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